I Sorpresón! The best kept secret of Jennifer Aniston, this quarantine


In a world turned upside down Jennifer Aniston it would not be known by anyone. Thankfully, the actress is one of the Hollywood stars most famous on the planet and we can continue enjoying it at every step. Since his arrival to the social network Instagram a few months ago; the star has shared much more of his private side through their ‘stories’. After the arrival of the coronavirus the united States and the state of alarm which has led to a pandemic around the world; Jennifer has been granted a interview, telematics in the that has confessed how she is taking so many days without being able to leave your house.

The actress takes more than 20 days of quarantine and wanted to clarify to his fans that surprisingly is well; much better than I expected in a situation like this. Jennifer admitted that the most difficult thing for her during this period of time has been the face it alone and watch the news; the Hollywood star confessed that she decided to learn about the situation that was causing the virus only two times a day before how difficult it was being to digest the cold today.

Aniston has not been different to the rest of the world, has also taken advantage of this time of confinement at home to clean your home and try to restore order, as they have done the 99% of people that lead to both quarantine time. The actress has revealed that it has found several treasures from their childhood that were forgotten such as the video of his first audition for a soap opera when I was only 13.

The current situation has caused the return of ‘Friends’ be delayed at least until you can get back to normal. A chapter memorial that you will have to wait and the fans crave to see. The state of California is now under strict containment measures for all their citizens, including the Jennifer Aniston. The actress will have to continue resisting at home, with the company of his faithful dog Cylde!