You never have enough! Nicole Kidman tries to do it with three at once


To Nicole Kidman the papers are not missing with age, it occurs more well to the contrary. After the success of ‘Big Littles Lies’ the actress is going to try his luck in the tv Amazon ‘Pretty things’ and with two other projects, all at the same time.

Based on the novel of Janelle Brownthe adaptation of ‘Pretty things’ to the screen will be the responsibility of the director Reed Moranowho already knows the ins and outs of turning a novel into a movie because ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ we also passed through his hands.

Done with the rights of ‘Pretty things’ by Amazon there was nothing easy, other companies were also interested in the same project, but in the end lto balance is skewed in favor of the giant of e-commerce.

On the paper that will Nicole Kidman and who will be his co-stars, officially, nothing is known, but being the protagonists two women fighting to overcome all they have lost after being victimized, they begin to think that one of these papers will go to the hands of Kidman.

It seems that the actress will has taken liking to the television and the series after the ‘Big-Littles Lies’. If lately your name is not seen frequently on the billboards of the cinemas, yes it will be on television, because in addition to the project of Reed Morano, Nicole still has three more series and all the time.

‘The Undoing’, HBO and that has not been published when will be released over the television adaptation of the work ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, join the role of executive producer that Kidman will have on ‘The Expatriates’.

It is clear that the actress anda ample of papers to their 52 years oldsometimes Hollywood makes a mistake and the actresses who are becoming older still interested like, even more, that when they were young.