The Minions have also been infected: confined until 2021


It was one of the effects more to be expected the next few months, but we’re going to have that to hold a little more the desire to see it, the movie ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’ has delayed its premiere until the summer of 2021, the virus has done to theirs with the drawings.

The production company film Illumination Entertainment had to take the closure in France because of the coronavirus, and it was then when he saw that the date that had been set for the premiereat the beginning of the summer of 2020, not going to be able to be fulfilled, Universal has been forced to to postpone it for almost a year.

The delay of “Minions: The origin of Gru’ has also affected other premieres they have had to modify their dates on the calendar. It is the case of ‘Sings 2’whose premiere is planned for the summer of 2021, and that now it has been moved to Christmas that same year, to not coincide in bulletin board.

The return of Gru -and all your friends-yellow – screens will be the responsibility of the directors Kyle Balda and Brad Ableson. According to advance, in the tape you can get to know Gru when I was a kid and know what is the origin of this species special friendship between the villain and the Minions.

Little more has been able to know about the argument, even though the directors confirm that the humor will continue to be the main element of the film.

The Covid-19 has affected to large productions of characters of flesh and bone–Daniel Craig and Tom Cruise are some examples – but has also come to the cartoonno character escapes the ravages of the landfill.

For the moment there are new dates set for a future of something more distant than expected, are delayed a bit, but the Minions will arrive.