Do you dare? Patricia Montero throws a challenge to base of toilet paper!


Have not ceased to appear explanations of what this motley crew the compulsive buying toilet paper since the start of the confinement, each of which provides the theory that the more successful createbut without any scientific basis. And then there is Patricia Montero that has to be released a challenge based on the role.

After that comprobáramos that Pique is not given anything wrong hit the roll with the racket or that Messi is capable of giving more than ten touches the paper without falling to the groundPatricia Montero presents a new acrobatics that surely will not get as many followers as the football players, the #SirsasanaPapelChallenge.

It is, basically, fuck with feet a roll of toilet paper while a yoga posture is no easy. With the body completely inverted, holding on to the forearms and head resting on the ground, the actress encourages us to try to bend your legs and take the roll of paper, an exercise only suitable for people extremely flexible.

What is certain is that the Spanish has never hidden that he feels true passion for yoga and, thanks to their practice to get the balance of mind and body which their profession demands of them. Just like other famous as Vanesa Lorenzo or even Eva LongoriaPatricia is started to teach this discipline to his daughter of four years.

And while you wait for the end of the confinement to resume her work in the theatre, Patricia takes advantage of the quarantine to contact ‘on-line with authorities in the discipline of yoga with that exchange of knowledge.

We don’t know if it will actually get them the #SirsasanaPapelChallenge or if this challenge is only meant for all famous Spanish to that has labeling. Cristina Pedroche among them, the mimo ‘Cristi’ yes, that dare.