The dress of Sara Uribe opened up and taught what was beneath!


Sara Uribe you are isolated in your home but has now joined the fashion teleworkthe model has the luck to be able to continue with some of their activities professionals from home. In one of his last connections on-linethe dress of Sara was opened and was taught more of the account.

In addition give coba to his followers speaking of the human and the divine through your social networks, Sarah continues to from home advertising a series of products whose main ingredient is the liquid collagen that ensures the infinite beauty, or at least, equal to yours.

Uribe also is the influencers that has encouraged his followers to to maintain the confinement and to collaborate with any kind of help, she herself makes sharing videos and words of encouragement.

In one of those videos, while connected in direct with their followers via InstagramSara rose from the chair in which I was sitting and her dress was opened and left to see what was underneath, a neglect of which he was conscious after that happened, but that solventó with laughter, humor and apologies.

Their followers showed happy with the slip of the model and they took it as an alternative way to make more bearable the confinement. After this accident, Sara he continued with the direct sending you encouragement and strength through your words.

The model has also taken the opportunity to ask recommendations of films or tv series with which to be entertained at home, and has encouraged all his fans to take off the pajamas and to be repaired in the same way that it does to exit to the street even though it is locked up in the house. As he says, it is a way of keep up the routine and the mental health.

Sara encouraged to publish creative content and different or to make a oversight the best way to pass the time.