Ivana Icardi now ask for help to Wanda Nara, oh, what a face!


Ivana Icardi has been the surprise of the television in Spain this official countsor. It was an unknown to most of the spaniards, but their participation in Survivors the is tower. The young, before only known by being the sister of Mauro Icardi, it has earned its right to be recognized after 2 months of survival, and constant improvement. In addition, it must be said, also has become famous by starting a relationship on the program with Hugo Sierra.


The former of Adara came with the idea to clean the mind and release all the tension that had accumulated after the presence of your ex in the GH Vip. Remember that the young man was the winner of the contest and that his relationship with Hugo Sierra it ended up being herself inside the house. Spain watched as Adara fell in love of another person while the uruguayan took care of the daughter who both just to have. A bad drink.

A bad drink that Hugo is beating next to Ivana Icardi. The couple has been accused of forcing a relationship for the sake of both within the contest, but pass from these accusations. They live their love story in their own way and don’t want anyone to be bothered.

Ivana has gone from Wanda for a long time. It is said from Argentina the relationship of the two has never been good, since it believes the contestant of Survivors Wanda walked away to the front of the PSG of your family. Never have endured…until now. Ivana is also nominated, and it seems that he has requested the assistance of Wanda Nara to continue in the competition.

Has started Ivana a campaign to get votes for their continuity in the competition. Wanda Nara has not uploaded anything to your social networks despite the fact that the immediate surroundings of Ivana yes it has been asked. Of time Wanda would prefer not to hear anything. What was not in his day is not going to be right now.

What is being Ivana false? Many think they do. Wanda Nara seems to say as they…