Rosalie in his bed, popping up to Kylie Jenner


If there is anyone in this quarantine required that this advantage of time is Rosalia. The Catalan knows that his second album is a more than expected after the success they have had with Wrong to want to. So take advantage of this time of confinement to clarify their ideas and begin their new work. If you remove disk in 2020 will be the most sold in the worldbut if you do it in 2021 as well. She knows that and that’s why you try to work without the media pressure that’s supposed to be one of the singers most followed in the world.

Rosalia had a summer without proceedings closed. His show, not exempt of controversy for its price since you say that around 500,000 euros, has been filled by all the world, but it seems that it has come to its end.


A week ago took out a new theme, Hurt. A song that has surprised all and sundry. Much more pop rock and less flamenco. Is this what new that we expect from Rosalie? The Catalan is used to experiment with the music and has not been closed never to any style. If the first disk approached the flamenco with touches of pop, you can that in this the singer left out of this to opt for something much more commercial.

Rosalia knows that right now is the owner of your career. Does what he wants and, at least so it seems, all the world adores. In the united States is a celebrity. From Lele Pons until the sisters Jenner, they all want a picture with her. It is like a prized object. Rosalia is gold.

Have uploaded a photo in his bed during the quarantine. Without clothes at the top and, as it seems, without any clothing underneath. Just covered by the sheet, it seems that relaxes and plays to rest. Will there be engraved a theme before? Kylie Jenner has not been able to avoid comment on the photo. And it is that friendship that binds to both it seems every day stronger than the previous. Is to see her and Kylie bursts of joy.

Like us when we think of the singer. Let’s hope that this quarantine will serve to his talent will result in a new disk.