“I Greeicy Rendon is better than ever!”. The outfit that hallucinates all


These days in the that being at home is what is most important, the best way to stay connected with the world are the networks. Greeicy Rendón could not miss to say this with this measurement and add good vibes to your public from their website digital.

Do not hesitate to appear, and leave you staggered to his followers. The outfit chosen was more caribbean, with a short in jeans spent and a beautiful bodice with sloping shoulders, which came adorned with large flowers. Her hair loose could not miss, as well as a few earrings, large in red color. You could say that it was harmoniously combined with nature.

To give you a touch of consciousness to this image, accompanied with a comment successful: We take for granted the health, life, family and these days where being at home is our only chance, get to be more aware of your breathing, the importance of having health, of how valuable it is to have a family and be good with them to be stronger these days…. Only in this publication caught more than 850 thousand likes.

Greeicy is a generator of common sense and of lovely beauty. The live surrounded by nature keeps feet connected to the earth in every sense.

Greeicy Rendon is On Another Level

The talented colombian, he returned to the television screen. Is currently participating in the reality show broadcast by canal Caracol called To Another level. Form part of a group of jurors, among which are: Diego Torres, Paola Jara, Fonseca, Kike Santander and Silvestre Dangond.

The chapters in which it participates Greeicy, corresponding to the month of march, were recorded previously in the months of January and February, before that it began in Colombia the alert for the COVID-19. Thanks to this foresight, Greeicy Rendón continues to winning over your audience in the worst of times.