Ana Cheri revolutionizes Instagram with that the air. “The size is brutal!”


Model Ana Cheri is located in the TOP of the most persecuted in the social networks. Galantea of a fitness enviable, loves to train many hours a day and maintains a balanced diet to stay in shape. The rest is another of the props important that the californian considered vital to feel active, taking advantage of all that power in favor of their fans.

The influencer is all an emanation of sensuality, you just need to see their photographs, which represent a volcano threatening of bubbling lava. Without a doubt, he loves to spoil his / her followers posting bold images for your delight.

On this occasion, we enjoy smiling and carefree, wearing a tiny and scruffy short color blue fade, with the which boasts a abdomen finely sculpted. Also accompanied in his mischief by a top of black color. The detail of the hat dark gives it that wrap fashion that beautifies and protects your chestnut and long hair, generándole such a sweet expression and soft.

This image has captivated their fans and they have been rewarded with more than 180 thousand likes. Playboy could not be more accurate when asked to pose a few years ago. Some comments from his audience were: Oh she is a woman very beautiful and nice and Beautiful Ana Cheri I love you sweetheart.

The key year of Ana Cheri

There are many options that exist today to refine the various parts of the body, but there is one routine in particular that Cheri has a very well valued. To achieve a physique where they are out of the imperfections depends on a lot of the record and mentality of the person, therefore, the following disclosure will only be functional by combining both qualities.

The key year of Ana Cheri is the Swiss Ball Leg Curl. With this revealed that it has managed to tone and shape your body, mainly his bum. In addition, it improves looseness of your hip. A revelation very interesting for those who want to start the change.