Yarishna Ayala gets to clean that way. “You will see that!”


The days of confinement does not mean a break in the networks for influencers or much less. In fact, the quarantine seems to be the perfect time to exploit their creativity and reach out more to your followers. Yarishna Ayala he was able to transform an act as mundane as cleaning in an explosion of beauty everywhere. Cleaning had never been so admired as this opportunity. Attention to what you see!

The message of Yarishna already gave clues of the bomb that was coming for all of us: My intention is to clean up, but the Music gets me to Dance hahahaha to all those it happens like to me. Many of them can pass, but few people will be so spectacular.

With a top and a short that I could not be more short, the puerto rican is seen in the video using his free time to cleanhowever, the background music practically forces you to dance, leaving the audience without words. The body is still with a tone sublime, proving that the days at home has not made you lose your discipline with exercise.

That freely the dance is not a coincidence, because previously I was a dancer full-time of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

Yarishna Ayala supports the Stay at Home

Showing her more caring, Yarishna has been sending out messages to their fans in every recent publication. And is that formerly you could see in all kinds of scenarios, but now has chosen to make his home your new set photos. In this way, motivates its more than 2.1 million followers to stay home all the time we needed to leave back to the coronavirus.

When all pass, Yarishna Ayala it should be remembered as one of the influences that worked together and left the sight of his more human side. What new creative idea will display to that your faithful suspiren again?