“Culonavirus”. The criticisms of Sun Pérez to brag… oh the house!


Sol Perez has had a lot of competition with new models that want to take away the place of honor in the networks. However, it still occupies a place quite high. Obviously, the high place gives the most popularity and this popularity translates into an enormous exposure to criticism. The way in which it has presumed in his days of quarantine earned him a series of adverse comments again. The detractors do not seem to have taken a break these days.

It all started with a photo of the argentina, which was accompanied with the phrase: Quarantine over here, a little sun and a good book…. The first thing that comes to mind is how lucky the photographer, which was probably Guido Mazzoni, your partner.

The hot body under the sun of the model is a perfect sculpture. Initially, it appeared typical of comments of admiration, as: I confinement you forty days and forty nights and Happy that you take the photo.

But the joy was short-lived, since the reviews ended up with the good atmosphere. Was questioned by pretending to read when what I wanted to show was his hot body to the followers. In addition, another rain of negative comments came by to take in the face that passes the quarantine, in a huge house. Keeping everyone happy is not possible.

Sol Perez throws harsh criticism of the argentine society

Sol Perez to the increase of cases of coronavirus in Argentina, he lived in a situation which made it feel imposing and very annoying. It all started because the people in the south american country took to the quarantine as a vacation and, when they return to their homes, there was a big traffic jam for the controls of alert. The problem was that those who were in the queue of cars, not given priority to policemen, doctors, among others.

Before this, Sun commented: I have the p****** inflated. I’m sick of the m***** of people we are. I started to cry because I couldn’t believe it, this country is not going anywhere. We’re bad people, we are not concerned that the police have to go to fulfill your task, we don’t mind that the doctor may have to go to laburar. The only thing that is interesting is back from vacation. Overall, there are not so many cases, full of my family and my acquaintances there is no one sick. Until you see one. There we are going to realize that there are that stay at home…. Sol Perez you try to raise awareness before it’s too late.