Becky G gets a top, but leaves all to paintings by his pants


The u.s. See this post on Instagram #1 on mainstream radio in Mexico! 🇲🇽❤️ Thank you my people 🙌🏽 @_carlosrivera @pedrocapo #PerdiendoLaCabeza A publication shared from Becky G (@iambeckyg) on 25 Mar, 2020 at 9:17 am PDT “>Becky G follow with your outfits were stunning and their songs that so successfully harvested worldwide. Despite the recent events, the artist was dedicated to keep posting on Instagram and devote time to their followers.

Recently, she published a photograph in which his clothing was immense. She wore a red top with applications bright, and a pair of giant with layers. The pants, despite having many overlapping layers, lets see the silhouette of your legs. Many did not expect to see Becky with an outfit so different. Your skin and hair shine, your makeup is stunning and her pose is so perfect as everything that surrounds it.

In the publication, the singer said the following: #1 on mainstream radio in Mexico! Thank you my people and appoints his companions Carlos Rivera and Pedro Bonnet with whom he collaborated for the song and video Losing the Head. The song is still a success since it premiered, has been able to obtain more than 56 million views on YouTube in almost two months.

Becky G is more alarmed than ever

The u.s. has said on several occasions that suffers from anxiety. This disease is characterized by making panic to the people when they think excessively in the future or in situations of fatalism vengeance. It can be very dangerous.

Recently, he published a few comments on Twitter, that showed how scared he is. It was probably an episode of anxiety. Begins: What someone else is terrified? Sorry, but it is a delay to think clearly. I am concerned for my family, I’m worried about you, I am worried for this country. Becky G struck as any other person for losses that have happened in such a short time by the COVID-19. In these moments demonstrates its most vulnerable, we hope that everything will be sorted out soon.