Jessica cediel after seeing it debuts face! Touch-up in the surgeon to view!


Although we all knew that not at good times for Jessica Cediel After Seeingshe herself has confirmed through their networks. Now that the television resists and the projects do not end up getting, has created motu proprio a documentary ‘home’ in the that talks about the most traumatic experience of your entire life. The presentation some have believed to see that the face Jessica has changed.

After thinking about it a lot, Jessica he has recorded a video in that it is seen with all luxury of details the operation he suffered two months ago for that you could take the biopolymers of your body.

It is a complex surgery with the doctor Ivan Santos extracted the parts of muscle you lost because of the previous procedure, and that lasted about three hours.

Before you re-enter the operating room cediel after seeing recognizes that needed psychological care during a year to be back in the hands of a surgeon.

The recovery has been very complex and after two months of convalescence the model have been encouraged to publish her story that includes, in addition to his testimony, the images are pretty difficult to digest.

That is why when he commented that the face of Jessica has changedhave jumped the alarms. It is not possible that after his experience the presenter had been of opinion and it had been touched up again.

Perhaps the two months that has happened no signs of life or post on their networks have made some noticeable changes that in reality are not.

It is hard to believe that Jessica has gone to other surgeons when the main intention of the documentary is warn of the danger of this type of proceduresor as she herself says, “so they do not fall more in a mistake that can change the life”.

Because with that Jessica has left us clear it all.