Becky G on the bed, finally teaches us to do!


Becky G stop by the Coronavirus it is coming very well. If it is true that he has had to cancel several concerts in the united States, but is serving the mexican-american to gain some strength. We have seen the play with your boyfriend at the football Instagram. You can’t say that’s wrong of skills with the ball. The truth that we have been surprised by their conditions football. Sebastian Lleget should be more than proud of his girl.

We have been pleased the day the artist with a photo from your bed. In addition, by the end has taught us what we so long wanted to see. It seemed that it was a rumor, but it has been confirmed with the photograph. Becky G will be the ambassador of Pretty Little Thing. A brand that we love and that we could not believe that Becky was not part of the same. Now it’s official.

It comes out in the photo posing with a tracksuit from the brand and announces that this is only the beginning. It is rumored that it will get a clothing line with them and that will be on sale this summer. We can’t wait to see Becky show off their very own garments! We are super nervous with the event. We would almost have preferred not to know anything until the release of the collection.

Becky G addition then you are in luck because yesterday was confirmed as number 1 in the radio of Mexico with Bad Santa. Your disk is gradually consolidating and in Latin America is one of the voices most listened to.


Remember that the lead singer has all of the summer cup of dates and performances in Spain. Of time has not cancelled any of their concerts, and expected to come to a country that was declared a long time ago being in love. And you can also use clothing in their concerts!

The american goes for everything. It is a real gold mine. The great diva of 2020, we have no doubt.