The panic seizes them! Beckham could have new neighbors


Victoria and David Beckham could you tell in brief with new neighbors, something trivial and nothing important if it were not for the future tenants going to alter the calm to which they are accustomed. Meghan and Harry would be considering build a house near your property.

Although after the stampede, the grandson of Isabel II is situated in Vancouver with your family, Meghan and Harry have not finished deciding where are they going to be installed.

The mansion in which you now live like but are also valuing the other in Malibu, and even have not ruled out re-installed in London where Frogmore Cottage it would still be their usual place of residence.

Soho Farmhouse is the area in which the Beckhams have a farm where they spend their free time and all the holidays. And it is in this area and near the farm of the player and the designer, where Harry and Meghan would be planning to build a house to escape to on the weekends.

It is a area elitist, suitable for very few pockets where tranquility and privacy are guaranteedsomething that the couple is asking for from the moment that they decided to cut ties with the british sovereignty.

In spite of settle with a house of only three rooms, it is estimated that between its construction and the price of the land, the whim could lleave for around 3 million poundslittle thing if we take into account that in the reforms of Frogmore Cottage were spent over two million.

David Beckham has stated on numerous occasions that Harry is your friendand although he recognizes that he speaks with him frequently and has asked if you plan to stay in Canada, nor if it is true that they will become neighbors.

At the moment everything is up in the air, but seeing the trajectory of Meghan and Harry begin to tremble Beckham.


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