The scourge of Buckingham is not Meghan or Harry it is the Covid-19!


When Elizabeth II he spoke of annus horribilis I did not know what he was saying, that year and those days it’s going to look at anything compared to what is suffering in this. He left Buckingham palace and went to a residence more safe to avoid the Covid-19, but the virus has not had piety with the royal family and Prince Charles has given positive.

At 71 the eternal heir to the british crown is confined with his wife in the castle of Balmoral, and although the test has given positive well, the symptoms are mild and her health condition is good, the british can be calm.

Apparently the negative of the Duchess of Cornwall the same test has been enough for the memes and the comments on the relationship of the couple begin to arise, or the palace of Balmoral is enormous and it is impossible to match together or to make it impossible not to match.

On the origin of the contagion little is known. During the last few days Prince Charles has been working from your residence and the number of commitments you attended during the last few weeks make it difficult to try to find its origin.

The Royal british is the last to ‘join’ to infection by real Covid-19. Queen Letizia is in isolation, Albert of Monaco gave positive in the tests, and now Prince Charles is added to the list.

Fortunately for the sovereign-his son –for the moment- it is the only one infected in the whole of the royal family, although given the incubation period of the virus is not ruled out that it has been able to extend to other members.

In view of the current situation, the display of Meghan and Harry seems to be lacking in all the importance at the time given, as we said at the beginning, the annus horribilis of the sovereign could be in the that we are.


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