Shannon de Lima (and his friend) are photographed just like this! in bikinis


The quarantine is causing the people to lose contact with many of your friends, because each is locked into his respective house. And social networks are flooded with publications and the messages missing to the people. One of the latest addition to this trend was Shannon de Lima, which, as we know, is passing through such a crisis alone, without James Rodriguez, and with only the company of her only son, just 11 years old. This friend is Yudy Arias, a singer with quite a reputation in South america, and has also been made known by various videos doing yoga. Maintains an excellent relationship with her, and congratulated him which is probably his birthday more bitter, because no one can hold and not be able to celebrate in a long time. A disgrace to all those who have been born in these dates.

The photo, obviously, has also uncovered a lot of nostalgia among his followers, who await the arrival of the summer, now with more yearning than ever. First, to be able to see again the light of the sun and able to get out to the street. An argument of weight, no doubt. And second, to be able to continue enjoying the images that the ex-wife of Marc Anthony gives us, with perching amazing, bikinis infarction, and boasting a hot body, big time. Curves that Shannon should take more care than ever, because now it will be very easy to gain a few pounds, because exercise is you will have to do at home.

“Memories of summer”, “This kind of photos gives me very good vibes, not very good for that”, “Go to two beauties”, “Yudy is precious, but of Lima, it plays in another division”, “That desire comes the good time, and exterminate the pandemic” and “Your photos give me strength” were some comments.


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