O my mother! Rafaella Santos offend you-to-Neymar-at the exit to the street as well!


There is that see how difficult it is to shock the player Neymar and the times that his sister, Rafaella Santos, is capable of out of their boxes. The player of the Paris Saint-Germain maintained a very close relationship with his sister, although sometimes Rafaella we do get on my nerves with the things that you put out on the street.

Despite having a reputation as a womanizer, it is widely known that the sportsman only have eyes for Rafaella, who pampers and takes care of it in excess. As demonstrated when Ney put on alert Gabigolthe ‘ex’ of Rafaella, another star of the ball of the Flamengo that despite giving a couple of opportunities he had to leave when he heard his infidelity with the brazilian singer Anitta.

And interestingly Neymar also had a ‘affair’ of the fast with Anitta, there you have it.

But despite all this the relationship of the brothers could be seen of the film. Rafaella every year looks forward to the arrival of his birthday so that Ney will organize the soiree usual while fans of the ball already know -by experience – that the weekend after this holiday, the player will not appear on the field. An injury, a penalty or any other excuse it serves to recover from the excesses, at least it happens from 2013.

And after all this string of inconsistencies and trouble in lives that should be very easy, Neymar have the courage to be scandalized by seeing Rafaella to go out to the street with a few pints you are not worthy of your position.

It must be that his work as a model –shot by the fame of the footballer more than by its own merits– Rafaaella believes that everything what bizarre and absurd can fit well and all is well.

Nor do we understand very well the scandal Ney, considered the king of the excesses, because, if we are to compare the outfit of Rafaella falls short with its outputs of tone, don’t you think?


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