How wiggles! Jennifer Lopez busting Instagram now to move as well!


If there is someone who knows how to put the good face that is Jennifer Lopez. For very complicated the moment, always find a song to encourage the staff, and that the ‘challenge’ they have also become a common in your family. And the choreography!

Just know that that was the the first boyfriend official and well known of the actress, David Cross, has died of a pneumonia, a very harsh blow for the singer if one takes into account that they shared life for 10 years and that David was the first to see how the actress left the anonymity and beginning to be known.

The sad news joins the home confinement of the family of the diva from the Bronx, but, in view of the publications it appears that have decided to fight the bulls with something of joy and humor, How Instagram has been turned upside down, to see the dance they have prepared!

Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign with your theme ‘Something new’ they are in charge of the family of JLo to the full move your feet. It is about steps easy, which require little choreography and preparation, suitable for adults and those that are not.

Starting with Alex –do not give anything bad to move – and finishing off with the star of the song are displayed to all members of the family, moving arms, shaking the chest and keeping a smile from ear to ear. The last to appear is Lopez, the post star for the only one that will notice plenty of tables when they move.

This is not the first time that the entire family throws challenges of this type that will soon become viral and replicated both by celebrities as followers, or do you already do not remember another one in which Alex and JLo they exchanged their clothes?

And although this time is complaints have been received by the impossibility to imitate them given the situation we’re in, don’t worry, they are days of confinement, and this family prefer to upload videos to Instagram or TikTok instead of watching tv.