‘Aquaman’ is stifled and Jason Momoa is not able to rescue him… how is that?


Wearing rubbing his hands for a time with the return of ‘Aquaman’ but it seems to be that Jason Momoa not have them all with you. The eternal Khal Drogo of ‘Game of thrones’ you are viewing jeopardize their return under the water because Warner you do not have iota of desire to have him, would you be able avoid to choke your character?

The guilt of this decision would be in the eternal war between Marvel and Warner has to be done with the sovereignty filmWarner has wasted a lot of time and effort to get a name and a fame that apparently doesn’t fit –today – with the image of the actor.

And that is when the tape saw the light for the first time and knew that the power of this hero was talk to the fish, few were those who gave a hard for your success, and that is wrong. The success was to have Momoa and the character of the one who endowed the characteralthough your muscles and the face of few friends of the actor also met with his task.

More than 11 billion dollars this was the figure that you have reached the fundraising world despite the fact that only expected losses, and neither that amount of money has been enough to avoid that Warner is considering to find a replacement actor.

Although dispense Momoa is not going to be fast… and sudden.

Because as it circulates through the networks, Momoa could continue to work under the sea in a third and even a fourth delivery, the change of ownership would gradually and as the saga progresses, with the excuse of giving the baton to another main character and not to stop appearing in the deliveries!

You do not have good looking, the idea of making the protagonist a character is secondary, and for the moment, the actor has not opened the mouth to give his opinion. It is expected the premiere of the second part of Aquaman beyond by 2020, the same as after do box Warner reconsiders its decision.


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