The fight that separates Shakira and Piqué at the most delicate moment


The Colombian wants to leave Barcelona as soon as possible. Catalan trembles

The Colombian press has been talking about it for a long time and it seems that the quarantine is leading the couple to pull their hair out. Like everyone, being home for so long can be good … or bad. Shakira has been wanting to move to Miami for a while. She wants to go to the United States and spend at least two or three years there. It would be closer to Colombia and theirs. Piqué at the moment does not see it clearly.

The Barça central defender still believes she has at least one season left at Barç a. The player feels strong and also does not want to leave the club as it is now. For this reason, the rumors of a breakup are more alive than ever. Shakira to the United States and Piqué in Spain?

A year ago there was talk of a possible breakup because they attributed that the Catalan team’s central defender had been unfaithful to Shakira. It was not over. They did not come out to deny anything, but we understood that it was just rumors of their status. They seemed to be better than ever.

The footballer wants to be the future president of Barça. She has already said it on more than one occasion. A Piqué likes business and management. It is not linked to football in any way other than that. Bartomeu has the enemy at home because at any moment Piqué could make the leap, but at the moment her relationship is good.

So perhaps it’s harder for her to make the leap to the United States. In Miami, David Beckham with her new team Inter Miami would wait for her. That is the trick that Shakira wants to use to convince her partner. Two or three years in the United States would also come in handy to open the player’s entrepreneurial mind.