Problems! What is happening to see Miley Cyrus with these pints!


The singer makes this face

The situation that is being experienced around the world given the alarm caused by the coronavirus is already starting to wreak havoc, and we have not left the house for a week. Even in Hollywood, they are beginning to completely change their routines, reaching the point of showing a face that has never been seen before. The singer Miley Cyrus has confessed through Instagram her new way of life.

She does not even care about her image,  to the point that she confirmed that she has taken advantage of this social distancing to dress much more comfortably. Cyrus admitted that she has not changed her sweatshirt and sweatpants in her first five days without being able to go outside. The restrictions to stay at home in the United States have only just begun and Miley seems to have no plans to change her wardrobe either, the constant use of her two favorite clothes right now goes a long way.

The ‘Slide Away’ singer has started a kind of talk show through the networks, counting in her second installment with one of her past enemies, Demi Lovato. An intense and sincere program in which both confessed the difficulties they have had to overcome to reach fame, in addition to the problems Demi recently suffered that ended her in serious condition in hospital. Their relationship began when they were both Disney girls, but the great tension between them even caused them to stop following social networks,  problems that they have already solved.

Miley has thus joined other celebrity initiatives to try to alleviate the boredom of being 24 hours at home and also entertain her fans. Like the ‘streaming’ campaigns that various footballers are mounting, small live concerts through the network or different exercise routines to perform from home. Miley at the moment manages to endure without regrets not being able to step on the street, and hopefully, it continues to be so because it seems to be going for a while.

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