Attention! Lucía Domínguez’s new swimsuit What a photo!


Her fans hallucinate

Being one of the most famous actresses in Latin America thanks to the occupations of model and actress does not guarantee anything these days. Lucía Domínguez is losing ground in favor of the new ‘influencers’ and the Colombian does not seem ready to assume defeat. She has returned to Instagram through the front door and her poses are increasingly provocative, in which the swimsuit, the beach, and the sun can not miss.

Lucía Domínguez rose to fame thanks to her roles in the series ‘Señora de Acero’ and ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ with which she was consecrated throughout the international scene of acting, becoming one of the covers of the famous Interviú magazineThe Colombian has also played other records such as series or movies, although her main credentials have always been on television with soap operas.

In love, she is in one of her best moments. Her first marriage to David García culminated two years later in divorce, which meant that Lucia refused to look for her better half for a time. Already in 2008, she passed by the altar with which her husband, Jorge Cárdenas, is still todayTheir relationship with the actor is idyllic and they do not miss the opportunity to show their love to all their fans on social networks.

Now Lucia wants to regain her starring role on Instagram and her plan to be the most followed is quite clear. Raise the temperature as if you do not want the thing and show your fans your outfits and swimsuits while showing off your physique. A method that hardly will not work for you and with which you have shown that you want to be one of the queens of this social network.