She asked to be photographed like this! Erika Fernández like never before!


Her best pose

Television is a totally different world from social networks. Presenting a program is far from the activity that an ‘influencer’ does to create content, although it seems that Erika Fernández feels comfortable in both registers. The Colombian presenter has turned on all the Instagram alarms again with her latest publication in which she once again boasts about her work and her physique.

Since working for Fox Sports México she has played several different records and has shown that she has a chameleonic ability to adapt to all of them. Thanks to a job well done, she has become one of the most famous Latina television presenters at age 35. she has always taken very seriously all the challenges that have been proposed to her until she has overcome them all with a note: what a mentality she has!

Her popularity has been reflected in the number of followers she has achieved on Instagram. It currently has more than one million two hundred thousand and continues to rise. Her career is in full swing and Erika doesn’t want to waste it. She enjoys what she does and takes her profession very seriously, two key factors for the Colombian to preach her happiness to the four winds. In social networks, she usually has a close relationship with all her fans, accompanying her with everything she does on a daily basis. She has become a true Instagram junkie!

A career that did not start in the best possible way. Erika changed Colombia for Miami to study nursing, a path totally opposite to the profession she currently works. Her passion for communication led her to meet and discover the world of television from which she has not been separated since then. A vocation that has been demonstrated over time and that can be seen by seeing how it truly enjoys what it does. She was born for this!