Juju Salimeni shows good shape in a stunning click and says: “Strong woman”


The muse wasted health on her Instagram

At dawn on Tuesday (17), Juju Salimeni recalled a photoshoot on her Instagram.

The muse posed with a red outfit all worked on the highlights, showing long blond hair and betting on the card. On the occasion, Juju even took the opportunity to post a beautiful text in the caption and give a philosophical to her followers.

“You are a woman that you describe as strong. It’s the first thing they say when they meet you. There really is a lot of courage running in your blood, but there are also wounds and revolts. Whoever accompanies you on the falls, is whoever you want to stay. The rest can go. You are the excess of excess, all or all, you are a road that does not always lead
to the same place. You are a country that no one will dominate. (Ryane Leão) ”, she wrote.

The record received more than 52 thousand likes and the followers were delighted with the beauty of the muse.

“Perfection”, praised a follower. “Supreme Goddess,” said another. “You are not normal, you are spectacular!” Joked a third.