Robert Pattinson gives a bombshell If I could I would reject the role!


It will be the ‘new Batman’

Actor Robert Pattinson had disappeared from the media spotlight in recent years. Leaving box office movies by the independent industry has made him evolve a lot as an actor, so much so that he has landed the role of Batman for the next film of the ‘Gotham’ vigilante.

He became known after his appearance in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga and established himself at the top of the famous with ‘Twilight’. The British actor feared that he would be pigeonholed into one type of character, so he decided to go to the low-budget cinema.

The ‘Twilight’ saga not only launched him to fame but also to an alleged love relationship with Kristen Stewart. The oversaturation reached such a point that Pattinson himself has recognized his hatred for the vampire franchise. Despite having very good memories of his experience during those years, he has not clarified whether he would accept that role again if he could go back in time. Fame is sometimes not everything!

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He decided to go to the independent cinema where, according to him, the plots were much deeper and he escaped from the cheap roles that were offered to him from Hollywood. The actor has always shown that money is not the most important thing to him.  And he knew that his participation could give much more diffusion to the films that in his opinion they deserved.

Film festivals and many roles after the ways of Robert Pattinson and box office cinema coincide again. Neither more nor less than playing one of the most famous superheroes in history. His stalwarts have never lost track of him and his return is great news for Hollywood that he will be able to count on his great acting level. Although we will see how long he decides to stay in the eye of the hurricane again.