Leveling up in Nioh 2 allows you to improve your character’s stats, making him more effective and powerful in combat. In this mini-guide, we explain how to accumulate many Amrita and level up quickly in the new souls like Team Ninja.

To level up in Nioh 2 you need to collect the Amrita, the spiritual fragments recovered from the killed enemies. Let’s see everything you need to know to get the Amritas, and what you can do to accumulate them as quickly as possible.

Kill the enemies

There are several methods of obtaining Amritas. The most direct is to kill enemies. Every time you eliminate an opponent, in fact, the latter will drop Amrita that you can collect. The more powerful the enemy killed, the greater the number of fragments dropped.

You can increase the number of Amrita obtained with each kill. How? Activating the Kodama Blessing at the altars and equipping the Guardian Spirits that increase the number of Amrita achievable with kills. Activating these passive bonuses will be of great help to accumulate Amritas faster, and consequently to level up faster.

Spirit stones and items to offer in Kodama

You can accumulate Amritas even without killing enemies. During the adventure, in fact, you will find various objects useful for the purpose such as the Stones of the Spirit and the Fragments of Lucite. Their use will ensure that you get a certain amount of Amrita. You don’t have to use them right away, and it is advisable to use them when you are close to the amount of Amrita required to level up. Even offer things to Kodama in a sanctuary will reward you with Amrita. The more rare and powerful the item offered, the greater the amount of Amrita you will receive.

Don’t miss the Amritas

In addition to accumulating Amritas, you should also worry about not losing them. When your Nioh 2 character is killed in combat, his Guiding Spirit and Amritas will be left on the scene of death. Dying again before recovering them on the spot involves the irreversible loss of the Amrita earned until then. One thing to avoid at all costs. But in what way?

The first solution, of course, is to play with all the necessary precautions, avoiding getting killed before having recovered the Guiding Spirit and the Amrita. If this is not possible, there are objects that allow you to automatically retrieve the Guiding Spirit and the Amritas that you have dropped after your death.

One of these objects is the Summoner’s Candle, a consumable detail that allows the recovery of the Guiding Spirit and Amrita automatically. Since these candles are very rare, we recommend that you use them only when a significant amount of Amrita is to be recovered.

Alternatively, in most cases, it will be advisable to resort to Guardian Spirits and objects that have the effect of automatically recovering your loot left at the place of death. Equip them and you will have a good chance that in case of death your Spirit Guide and Amrita will have returned to you, reducing the chance that they will be lost forever.

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