Shakira fans divided and confronted and that … why?


Anuel AA is part of the problem

As you have to take into account the opinions of Shakira’s followers, she will not give us her life to count them. They are so many and so diverse that no one can agree. Now she has given them an opinion on the look of the Piqué couple and so far, no conclusion has been reached! because they are still confronted and divided.

The blame for all this is Anuel AA and the theme she shares with the Colombian, ‘I like it’, although to be totally exact, the problem comes from the appearance that Shak looks in the video clip.

In it, the singer appears with different hairstyles and colors in her hair, although there is one that has reminded them of the  Shak of yesteryear when she began to make herself known and her hair was dark and full of dreadlocks.

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The #MeGustaVideo is here! Enjoy! #LinkInBio El #MeGustaVideo ya está aquí! Espero que lo disfruten! @anuel

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Seeing her like this, many are those who have rushed to encourage the singer to return to wearing that type of hairstyle and that there are also many who do not even remotely want to see her with those pints.

At the moment the footballer’s wife still has curly blonde hair of recent times but seen the commotion her image has caused, the same thing happens when she goes to the hairdresser!

And if it seems impossible for her followers to come to an agreement about the appearance of her hair, it is even more impossible to try to combine opinions on the subject she shares with Anuel.

Some complaint about how commercial their music has become, others miss the rhythms of years ago – and they even say they notice a certain lack of quality in the songs – and there are those who continue to support the singer, as strange as it sounds. who is singing?

Apparently there is no agreement on the color of her hair, nor is there any agreement on the direction her music is taking, perhaps with the next video clip or the next song her fans can think the same.