The first, important appointment of what promises to be a great year of Italian exports is about to enter its most exciting phase.

PG Esports, the first Italian company dedicated to competitive gaming, Tournament Organizer of the European Regional League and many other national export events, announces that the final of the PG Nationals Spring Split 2020, the most loved and followed League of Legends tournament of Italy, will take place online on Sunday 29 March. The new date and, above all, the decision to play them online, came from the postponement decided after the worsening of the health emergency linked to Coronavirus, which also led to the postponement of Cartoomics in October.

The unmissable event, organized with the support of the official partners NicNac’sAdidas and Logitech G, will be on the PG Esports Twitch channel starting at 15.30 and will see Racoon and YDN Gamers compete to obtain the title of Italian Champions.

For over a month, Qlash Forge, Outplayed, Samsung Morning Stars, MOBA ROG, YDN Gamers, Cyberground Gaming, Racoon and the winners of the summer edition, the Campus Party Sparks, have challenged each other to establish the most talented teams in the Peninsula. Racoon and YDN Gamers were the winners, who, after the Italian final, will have the honor and burden of demonstrating their skills in front of a European audience.

Spring Split will guarantee, for the first time ever, two slots for participation in the European Masters 2020, the pinnacle of the competitive season of the Old Continent which sees the best players from 13 regional leagues compete twice a year.

The PG Nationals winning team will have direct access to the EU Masters Group Stage, while the second will pass through the Play-In, where they will be able to proceed to the group stage and join the other compatriot team.

For three years now, the main purpose of the League of Legends PG Nationals has been to give Italian teams as much visibility as possible, offering them the opportunity to compete officially at the European Regional League of Riot Games. PG Esports continues to invest in this national championship in order to support all participating teams.