Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is indulging himself with the new battle royale by Call of Duty. Despite some criticism of the respawn system, the streamer seems to be enjoying it.

Recently he has revealed which, according to him, are the most effective Perks that players need if they want to have some chance to get to the final stages of the match in Warzone.

According to Shroud, therefore, there are some ” absolutely winning ” perks in the game right now compared to some less effective. What makes some Perks successful, he explained, is their characteristic of ” countering ” all others.

According to him, for example, the ” Ghost ” and ” Cold Blooded ” benefits are the best at the moment. “ Cold Blooded and Ghost is what you need because they contrast everything. You have to counter the opposing advantages as much as possible. Those two do it more. They’re the best. Ghost above all, because you will never be seen by UAVs “.

Cold Blooded, on the other hand, allows the player to make himself invisible to the thermal detectors. In this way, the players will be invisible to the thermal optics of the opponents (which in the advanced stages can really be a problem).

“ You have to understand that there are versatile counters for every single Perk in the game. Ghost and Cold-Blooded, and the third can be whatever you want, the third Perk is optional … it’s up to your personal preference. “

We, for our part, can recommend three: High Alert (a sort of visual alarm that warns you when an opponent has you in his field of vision), Spotter (allows you to see the equipment and the opposing killstreak) and Tracker (allows you to see the fingerprints left).

Have you already read our guide? You, on the other hand, which perks do you use the most? Let us know in the comments!