They come out! Daniela Ospina takes a risk with her latest outfit bomb


She almost played a trick on her

Daniela Ospina does not give any kind of cut out on the street with risky, daring and atypical outfits. It is also true that she plays with an advantage, because absolutely everyone knows her on the street, and, when someone is famous, the pints are judged differently from the rest. For this reason, the ex-wife of James Rodríguez, with whom she had her first daughter, Salomé, who will soon be seven years old, puts on such unique outfits and outfits. And, luckily for her, the majority of the public supports and is amazed at her ‘outfits’ and there is practically no one to criticize her or direct her offensive and disrespectful comments. You only need to see her latest publication to realize that she is loved and respected by everyone.

In this image, the current girlfriend of Harold Jiménez, renowned producer of music videos, is seen in the middle of some beautiful streets, with very colorful and cheerful houses. But it is the former professional volleyball player that stands out the most, with her sensual dress, which consists of a tremendous neckline, and an opening on the belly, and colors between white and fiery red, symbol of passion and love. And she accompanies that with her beauty, her pose, some sunglasses, and a mini-size bag. Absolutely nothing and nobody takes away the prominence that ‘Dani’ deserves. 

“A little more and her buttocks come off”, “I don’t know how she does it, but you always look at her instead of what’s around”, “This woman has something that hypnotizes, I find it hard to explain what exactly”, ” Daniela plays in another league, or does it only seem so to me? and “How important it is to be different from the rest” was read in the comments.