Ex-BBB Carol Peixinho poses with a different look and declares: “We are wonderful”


The muse rocked with the click on the web

This past Sunday (8), former BBB Carol Peixinho impressed her followers with a stunning photo on her Instagram.

In the click, she appears wearing a differentiated costume with strategic cutouts that left her good shape in evidence. “Long live us, women !!! We are wonderful, unique, victorious… and we will not let anyone tell us or convince us otherwise !!! It is beautiful and real the power that our union has !!! ”, she started in the caption.

“There is a lot to fight for and achieve, but we will continue on this daily journey together !!! Helping us, respecting us, admiring us … and so we will shine and achieve a lot in this world !!! ”, she concluded. Check out:

In the comments, the followers went crazy. “What a scandal,” said one. “My inspiring muse,” wrote another. “Simply wonderful,” said another fan.