‘Bye-bye love’! Lucia Rivera, do you quit ?! to Marc Márquez


Nothing foreshadowed this ending

Even the stories that are worthy of a most cloying film may have a totally different ending than expected, c’est l’amour that the French would say … But there are times when we find out the end of certain couples, the pain hurts us. lifetime! And this is what happened to us when we heard about Marc Márquez and Lucía Rivera’s breakup, but these were not the ones of a lifetime together?

The two handsome, the two famous and the two with professions that involve being separated for many days, will this be the reason for the separation?

We had already got used to this exchange of very affectionate words in networks when they were not together, to see them hand in hand when they dropped by Barcelona and to ask each other for when they were alone then … what could have happened?

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Knowing the discretion of both and how little they are given to public confessions it is clear that we will not find out … at least for now.

Last weekend was when the news of the separation of the two was released. Whether it has been Lucia who has abandoned Marc or whether it has been Marc who has left Lucia little is known.

But the truth is that at the end of January the couple went on vacation and they shared photos of their moments together and no sign of crisis was noticed … Nor was anything noticed in the recent interview to the model and in which they asked her about Marc… nothing did this foretell.

What is clear is that fame united them in their day, almost two years ago, and that fame has been the trigger to end one of those stories that we would have liked to know with another ending.

We will have to wait to see if there is a second part, a reconciliation or a return to what is already known, that the return among celebrities is usually the most common.