They take to kill! Christian Bale the worst enemy of Chris Hemsworth


And that they share name

If among the beautiful girls’ jealousy occurs frequently between two handsome men the thing follows the same line, jealousy does not know the gender. Nothing has to do with his profession, his economic capacity and his origin, all that does not matter, what counts is the attractiveness. And between Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth, we have a hard time choosing … hence the handsome war, although on the screen!

Elsa Pataky’s couple believed that with having a body of scandal and blue eyes, he had won everything. In addition, the character of ‘Thor’ intends to continue occupying his body forever and ever.

But now Bale arrives … so what?

Well,  he has become the villain, the enemy of the next installment of the hammer superhero!

Chris and Christian will share a  film in the next installment of Thor that will be titled ‘Thor: Love and thunder’ but they will do it as true antagonists.

Can Bale forget that Robert Pattinson has taken off Batman’s suit?

Perhaps the penalty becomes more bearable with another blockbuster …

Tessa Thompson, who will repeat a character in the film but will coincide for the first time with Bale, has been in charge of releasing the odd pearl about the future film and the actor’s participation.

It is not the first time that the ‘ex’ bat plays roles that correspond to the bad boy on the tape. On more than one occasion he has stated that the less good side of the characters attracts him …

Then surely this embroider it!

But we will have to wait until the end of 2021 to see this pair of handsome men together, on-screen and fighting for contrary interests.

Nothing has been said about how Hemsworth will share the reputation of appeal to rage with Bale. Used to take all the compliments the same does not feel good that his followers have to decide which of the two actors to stay with.

Although it is possible that these jealousies make each of them more credible, don’t you think?