The brutal size of Lizbeth Rodríguez there! Photo attention


Attendees fell silent upon seeing her

Lizbeth Rodríguez could not have chosen a better profession than her own, about being a YouTuber and showing her extravagances online, she doesn’t even ring her finger. Lizbeth has been invited to a Sarao of many celebrities and many flashes in all corners and has no intention of missing it or causing any impact with what she is wearing!

Neither  Oscar’s red carpet nor blue preview, this time Lizbeth went to the green carpet prelude to the Spotify awards, butt elegance and smiles showing many teeth because in part it was that.

And to teach … And to make them talk about Rodriguez … even if she wasn’t one of the winners!

And what is the way always chosen to become a trending topic in all conversations?

The styling! And Lizbeth surprised everyone with her.

Tight, short and pink sequins, so were the dress that drew its entire outline. But within all the minimalism of this whole picture, there was something that made more than one put her hands to her mouth … the size of the YouTuber’s shoulder pads is nonsense!

Huge and excessive, not very thin and less in line with the dress, wouldn’t it have been better if we had noticed its volume than its shoulder pads?

Nothing was heard about how mini she wore, less was heard about the silver ankle boots and even less about the hairstyle, all comments were directed to the size of the complement chosen by Lizbeth.

Is this the latest trend in fashion and we have not heard it? A way to get attention and take as many photos as the most famous? Or was it simply to get attention and steal covers?

For Lizbeth, the intention is the least, what counts is the result and has achieved it!

He only needed an accessory of brutal size to get divert the attention of the awards, what will the nominees have thought to be none?

Rodriguez plan … because now she is also famous.