Lee ” Faker ” Sang-Hyeok, legendary T1 player ( now also co-owner ), has donated the equivalent of approximately $ 25,000 to help fight the COVID-19 epidemic in South Korea.

The player has donated to the non-profit organization ” Community Chest of Korea ” in the hope of containing the outbreak and has also continued the donation process in which many other professionals from LCK, the Korean League of Legends championship, have participated. suspended.

Faker commented: “ I felt devastated for those who work day and night to fight COVID-19. I really wanted to help those who fight the epidemic and felt that donating to the Community Chest of Korea was the right choice. I hope everyone will come together to overcome this terrible situation … “.

In the meantime, due to the growing alarm relating to COVID-19, the LCK, as we said, is on hiatus to guarantee the safety of the public and all those involved in the championship.

Export, as well as many other sectors, has been deeply affected (think of the events canceled all over the world) and many have not remained insensitive choosing to do something to help. To help out, other LCK professionals such as ChovyDragonX, and Bdd have also decided to donate some of their income to help defeat the epidemic.