Anna Nystrom releases a swimsuit: Eye to size! Yanet García KO!


The Mexican has little chance with her

Any little thing, however minimal, becomes news in the pink section. A new bag, the manicure that is carried or the haircut of our celebrities are worthy of holder and mention. Until the premiere of a swimsuit. Of course, if it is Anna Nystrom who exercises the dummy, it is understood, right?

Now that the sun and beach season is closer,  Anna has decided to take her figure for walk-in warmer environments than her native Sweden and has gone to look for the model with which to impact everyone who sees her.

And she has found it … and she has put it on!

It is seen that the model is not used to her skin seeing the sun a lot because she is not tanned!

Your skin looks excessively white, without color …

Of course, with the bikini that has chosen the rays of the sun in Dubai, it will take a short time to change its tone, don’t you think?

If  Anna looks divine in the snow of her land, under an umbrella and with a swimsuit, it is spectacular!

And that the lower part of the bikini ‘s shorts replaced by a look of most casual that is not without ulterior motives …

Because if Yanet García is known for overcutting her shorts so her size can be noticed, Anna can also be known for the same thing and even overcome her!

Is the reign of the Mexican one over and one of the Swedish begins? What will Kim Kardashian think of having another double of another nationality again?

Because it seems that Anna is bigger than Yanet and that is saying a lot!

Or that of Mexico is looking for life soon to return to recover its top position when wearing shorts or Anna is going to be the new competition of the sisters of the clan.

And all thanks to brand new a bikini, and wear it with shorts … and at the gym and training hours, of course!