Gracyanne Barbosa poses on the beach with dog and cute moment delights followers


The muse rocked the body, but the furry stole the show

Gracyanne Barbosa spoke on her Instagram on Thursday night (05).

The muse posed on the beach and left her followers drooling with her good sculptural form, but what really caught her attention was her little dog, Bella, who almost camouflaged herself with the sand due to her light color.

In the caption, Gracyanne showed that she is full and nothing shakes her: “I don’t have time for anything else, being happy consumes me a lot”.

The publication received more than 130 thousand likes and the comments were super good vibes for the brunette.

“I wanted a skinny parakeet like that,” joked a follower. “Your name should be Deusiane !!!!”, he praised a second. “There are women who seek beauty, others like you are the fruit of perfection”, philosophized a third.