Kevinho shows hair falling on video after trying to bleach: “I pulled another tuft”


Singer lamented when showing the result

Kevinho shocked his followers and friends with a video sequence shared on his Instagram Stories last Tuesday (3).

The singer tried to bleach his hair to make it blonder, but the chemical process didn’t have a pleasant reaction. “Guys, I have some very sad news to give you: my mother already said, ‘don’t touch what stinks, son’. I went to dye my hair blonde to be whiter and my hair is falling out, guys. It is a catastrophe, ”he told his followers.

In the videos, he shows the result and even pulls a tuft of hair from his fingers. “Brother of the sky, look at this… I pulled out another tuft! But we have to take these situations as a joke and my head is always like a pool: it is always full, but you see the bottom ”, he joked. Watch the videos: