The players Fortnite Season 2 can devote himself to new challenges tests Nitroglycerin Week 3. In this mini-guide will explain how to complete the challenge that calls to destroy the structures with tanks of propane.

Where are the Propane Tanks on the Island of Fortnite Season 2? How can they be used to damage structures and complete the challenge? Let’s see it together.

Where to find Propane Tanks in Fortnite Season 2

The Propane tanks are located on the oil platform located south-west of the island, near the coast of Pantano Palpiting, within the red circle that we have traced on the map shown at the bottom of the page.

As you can see in the video proposed at the opening, on the oil platform you will be able to find and collect different Propane Jerry cans. To be able to use them, you just need to approach the cans and interact with them to collect them.

How to destroy structures with Propane Jerrycans in Fortnite Season 2

Once you have found the Propane Jerrycans, you just have to pick them up and throw them at the structures. After throwing them, the tanks explode causing several area damages. To complete the challenge, all you have to do is destroy the structures in this way, throwing the Propane Jerry Cans against them, as shown in the opening video.