Zendaya teaches that down there! The photo that beats all records


And it’s done with a magazine cover

Although it is hard to believe, Zendaya and Miley Cyrus have more similarities than it might seem to the naked eye, starting by agreeing on the representative who discovered them both. Once on the crest of the wave and thanks to its attractiveness, Zendaya does not stop working, and has even been the cover of magazines specialized in fashion, although on some occasion that has meant going with a garment less than it should!

She has a physique that everything feels luxurious to her, she can afford to put on whatever she wants and leave everything she doesn’t want to take home, another way of understanding fashion and letting her body look!

No wonder her name has the meaning of ‘giving thanks’ … and she has real reasons to give them!

Any garment that ends up in your arms ends up becoming the most top sales, even if they are dresses that prevent you from wearing something else underneath and that teach something more … what else does it matter if in the end, the result is as perfect as that of she!

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Have you noticed that halo of mystery and apparent sadness that always surrounds the actress?

What makes her unique in each of her photos … And so all signatures are raffled!

But the mannequin would not be the same if she put limits on her outfits and her physique, she is so committed to her gender that she finds no reason to wear clothes that really do not help!

And also little stick with the elegance and finesse of the dress you have chosen, do not you think?

He could have let the top reach the waist of the skirt without the need for that from there,  her belly button or her abs, to be seen by everyone, but that way she would have lost part of the whole set in addition to hiding the part Rebel of the model.

Because you can be magazine cover without taking anything underneath and with the navel in the air right?