The bomb explodes! Antonella Roccuzzo can’t do it anymore! Pass this with Messi


There is a fat mess

Antonella Roccuzzo has tried to convince Leo Messi in every possible way to stay at Barça, the club of his life. Because Argentina would not like to have to change the airs, country, and culture, to move to another city, because Barcelona is her home, and she and her children are very comfortable there. And the truth is that Captain Culé also wishes to continue in the squad that welcomed him as a child, paid him the hormonal treatment he needed to grow, and gave him full confidence from day one. He is not ungrateful, and he knows everything he has been given and tries to return it every weekend. But he does not bite his tongue either, and he has no problem in affirming that, today, he is not happy.

To begin with, due to the scandals in the directive, such as the payment of a company by Josep María Bartomeu to dirty his image and that of his surroundings, the non-signing of Neymar Junior, the appointment of Quique Setién … he adds the lousy sporting moment they are going through. Because every year they promise a winning and favorite project to the Champions League, but they always manage to disappoint one way or another. Moreover, this campaign runs the serious risk of being completely zero, and, after losing in the Classic, against the eternal rival, Real Madrid, Messi had an angry championship.

Because, not only three very important points were left in the Santiago Bernabéu, being clearly inferior, also the leadership of La Liga Santander. And Leo is fed up and asks for solutions: the first, if they want him to stay, a change of coach, two or three galactic signings, and the resignation of the directive almost completely. If not, he will leave without looking back.