Showing off from behind! Daniela Ospina photographed like this


Show your charms

Daniela Ospina and her daughter are very close, as she assures in all the interviews she grants and in her social networks. And so he showed it again in his last photo, in the 100-year celebration of ‘Avianca’. It is the most famous and important airline in all of Colombia, and the oldest in the world to fly uninterruptedly. On the occasion of his birthday, they celebrated a festival in style, where they invited several of the most famous personalities in the country, and, obviously, the former wife of James Rodríguez, who was delighted, could not miss. And next to her, her inseparable Salome, who was also excited to be, and who will be seven years old in a few weeks.

To record the presence of both, the sister of the goalkeeper of Napoli and the coffee team, David Ospina, put on the honorary shirt and made for the party, and took a picture of his back next to his only descendant, by the moment. A capture he shared on his Instagram, and where there was not much mystery or much history behind. However, people quickly fell to stone seeing a detail that did not go unnoticed: his butt. And it was marked a lot, thanks to its meshes, and boasted a huge, colossal size. Obviously, everyone went crazy and showed their admiration for ‘Dani’, which in summer promises to bring even more things.

“This woman is in an impressive moment”, “Daniela, never die”, “How cute and big is ‘Salo’, she looks like a very happy babe”, “Ospina has a special character and conditions, unique, unrepeatable, “” It is not bad to presume what one has “,” This woman has me crazy “and” Never change, please “were the most repeated comments.