Shannon de Lima discovers it: The mother of James Rodriguez’s son is …!


Tell the truth

The birth of James Rodriguez’s second son, Samuel, was something that struck everyone and left him with icy blood. Because, from one day to another, the professional soccer player announced the arrival of his first male to the family, after Salome, the daughter she has in common with his ex-wife, Daniel Ospina, and who is about to turn seven years. Obviously, the secrecy and secrecy with which he took everything was a matter of debate, but, above all, it was the fact that he came to the world through a rental belly that surprised him most. It seems that they did not dare, he and her partner, Shannon de Lima, to take the step and have it together, because they had only been a year of the relationship, and were not consolidated. And, rather, it has always been said that it was the Venezuelan who backed down…

At least, they hoped he had put his egg, so it could be his mother, the only thing that wouldn’t have taken him in her belly. A method that Kim Kardashian has used to give birth to her children. But not that, then, as we have seen these months, the former Marc Anthony or Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez barely publishes photographs with him, nor does he pay the slightest attention. Something that has always reproached him, and they continue to do so, the followers of the Real Madrid crack. Accusations that did not like the model, who fell into the trap, and responded to one of the thousands of comments he had.

But his words went further, and many interpreted that, no matter how much he affirms that he loves the little ‘Samu’, and is part of the family, it is not of his blood. Because, otherwise, I would have used the term ‘my son’ and not ‘loved ones’ …