Seriously? A clone slipped into ‘Star Wars: the rise of Skywalker’


It was the only way to explain it

As eternal as a day without bread and with more unknowns and mouths open than ever, this has been the most infinite saga and with more fans throughout the world. The IX episode of ‘Star Wars’ left us as if everything we had known so far had nothing to do with what we were seeing. Doubts, questions, and questions that you want to solve with the conversion into a novel of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, the opportunity to get out of doubt.

The idea is that all fans can see first hand the reality of the script with the scenes that were deleted,  thanks to a comic by Jody Houser that has also added to Rae Carson’s idea of helping to unravel the intrigues of the saga By publishing a novel of the film, with it I would try to clarify how it is possible that ‘The Emperor’ was still alive after ‘The Return of Jedi’.

And it is that Carson goes to the cloning to explain a mystery in which little more possibility existed … are we really talking about cloning?

In the middle of this same month, the novel will be available in the US markets, it will take a little longer to reach Europe-, and it will be edited by Lucasfilm Publishing with the intention of giving pleasure to all fans of the saga and trying to put a little of light – even if it is using tricks such as cloning or similar – the halo of mystery that has surrounded the series and the living that it has generated among its most faithful.

And it is that as in Star Wars everything is possible and what is not becomes reality as if by magic, it is believed that the spirit of Palpatine, The Emperor, could move to one of the clones he used in wars and Thus it was possible that from the beginning of the saga it arrived today.

It is hard to believe but we are talking about the saga among the sagas … and you know!

The movie, novel, and comic that add to the long list of objects that increase their sales once the words ‘Star Wars’ are recorded on them.

And is that the force and the company have its grace and its price, do not you think?