Seeing to believe, a second chance for ‘The boarding school’?


Ana de Armas has not opened her mouth

So long as they left the boys in blue jersey of the uniform into a school where things went as strange to talk about today ‘Boarding’ we are made up rare. The series was not bad at all and some of the actresses of that time have arrived in Hollywood today, why not try a second part to see if the luck that accompanies the new series is the same?

They raised it and the idea came true, under the title of ‘The boarding school: the summits’ the group of friends that has nothing to do with the original is found again in Navarre lands, in the Monastery of Iratxe, the location where they have Started shooting new chapters of fiction.

Will it follow the trail of the previous one or not at all is it a continuation?

Following the route marked by the latest trends when premiering series, ‘The boarding school’ will do it on Amazon Prime and will only consist of 8 chapters that will see the light as the year goes by.

Asia Ortega, Natalia Dicentra, Ramiro Blas or Daniel Arias are some of the names that will be present in this second round to which other known names will be added as the script unfolds.

The sets that have been searched for recording are all located in northern Spain, from Donostia to Bilbao or Lazkao are some of the chosen, although not the only ones.

Again we find ourselves before a school that is separated from the city, boys with somewhat bland behaviors and forests on which legends circulate – not at all good or normal – and that casually surround the school where the action takes place.

The same of this last batch of students arises some actress of the stature of Ana de Armas, of which she dreams of arriving in Hollywood and in the end she succeeds. Although for this group of students to wear the same uniform that several years ago they did others is already an achievement and also being in their land!