Not one resists her! Milla Jovovich returns to the load … again!


Just made it public

Since the saga of  ‘Resident Evil’ crossed her life it seems that Milla Jovovich the roles that hit her the most are those of a jacket, those of the stained face and camouflage clothing,  especially if the character she plays is forced to carry weapons impossible to carry and the shots are launched at the most unclean beings. The actress returns to the hunt for every bad bug!

It is not that being dressed as a lady and with long shots does not favor her, at all, it is that the action strikes a lot with blue eyes that often say more than the actress herself. And as you know that this type of role is going to have embarked on ‘Monster hunter’ another film where the supernatural will cease to be real.

It started as a video game, and now it comes to the movies, that’s how things work in Hollywood, the thing is to break your head a little and ensure success with something that already worked.

Action, fight and a world parallel to ours where the most beautiful thing that can be found is a monster willing to charge every living bug at the first change. Milla will play Natalie, a lieutenant who along with actor Tony Jaa will try to survive in a land that is not her own and that will become the perfect fatigue partner.

And although Jovovich is delivered in each of her roles, the truth is that the last films that have also starred in this genre, ‘ Hell boy’ or ‘Paradise hills’ have not reached the numbers that were expected to reach With her presence.

We will have to wait until the end of the summer so that the interpretation of Milla can be judged exceeds the previous ones or if the plot of the film convinces more than the previous ones.

At the moment Milla has the mission of preventing the monsters of that parallel world from entering ours and leaving us dry just by seeing them. And being the actress in charge of the mission there is no doubt that we are in good hands.