Netflix cornered! Dwayne Johnson sets a condition and is non-negotiable!


There is no date to restart filming

When one is called Dwayne Johnson, he is an actor and he is also able to make the numbers of his films reach many zeros almost as much as you can ask for, the producers are lost. And although the requirements of celebrities are usually the most atypical and unusable this time Dwayne’s request is the most thorough … and more at the moment!

‘Red notice’ is the new thing that the actor is rolling through Italian lands and seen that at this moment Italy is the area most punished with the coronavirus, Dwayne and the rest of fellow cast members have refused to roll, finito … and without date to continue with the movie until the disease of a truce.

Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds accompany him in his decision, this does not look good at all. Netflix is on the ropes with the decision of the actors!

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Seen the seen or start looking for new locations soon that coincide with something that was working or the figures that Dwayne reached with the second part of ‘Jumanji’ will become a story that will not be repeated …

And that most of the film will be shot in the United States, but the smallest took them to Italy and even viruses!

To take the matter a little iron and leave Dwayne and company alone, the filming of his film has not been the only one that has been affected by the disease. Tom Cruise was forced to postpone the seventh installment of his ‘Impossible Mission’ by the coronavirus,  Daniel Craig suffered the same with James Bond and ‘Mulán’ in Chinese lands did not have the slightest chance. 

It seems that ‘The Rock’, as the actor is popularly known, is not the only one to fear the consequences of the coronavirus or the only one that goes intrepid in the movies and then as every neighbor’s son has some fear …

And it is that the viruses of the films are quite different from those in real life.