Cristina Pedroche again defies censorship on Instagram!


The presenter wants to set her own rules

It does not sound like new or the desire to see Cristina Pedroche in her new challenge to Instagram are the same. There is a generalized empathy of the presenter although she seems not to notice. And that the ways chosen for censorship to miss any of her publications are most frequent!

From the little suit of the everlasting presenter at Christmas to the trips that sticks with her boy, David Muñoz – written in the way the chef insists we write it – is news, and not by the sites they visit or by what is put but by the desire of the presenter to attract attention but with capital letters.

Does the couple not know what normality is or is it that this way of life is what they consider normal?

The truth is that sometimes, so much extravagance and so much tone out, tired and much!

Now she has given her social networks a temptation to see if they are able to close her account or if she is smarter and the position chosen for the publication saves the cut that the network establishes as adequate for her to see the light.

And it is that Pedroche appears with nothing, in the bed … but hidden the head between the pillows while doing the pine!

And if Pedroche dares to publish like this, we don’t do it because we know how this works … although we have already told you the novelty.

It is not the first time that the celebrity is dropped on the networks with very little cloth on top, it would be said that the couple –because she does too- enjoys leaving all the staff open-mouthed … although the staff and I have seen this guide several times.

They are going to have to squeeze their brains more when making it clear that they are the most modern, the most prevalent and most of all throughout the world. Because although the publication of ‘Cristi’ has received a lot of likes, we had seen this before.