The worst moment of her life! Madonna cries like never before and on stage!


At 61 she needs to take a break

The years pass for everyone and although some of our celebrities do not want to realize it, it would be better to stop denying reality. It seemed that the queen of pop did not pass the years but it is going to be that time has no mercy with the greats. In her last show Madonna even shed tears of shame and helplessness, will our diva say goodbye?

Since last year she suffered a fall on stage,  the singer requests help herself to walk a cane and even sometimes, with the excuse of being accompanied by her boyfriend several years younger, takes her arm as if she were a show of love that for nothing is. The artist needs help, her knee is resentful and as much as she wants to hide it, it shows, the years go by…

Since the accident, the times she has climbed on stage have been rather few and when she has done so, the choice of footwear has attracted a lot of attention, nor is she as bold as before, nor the heels are the owners of her feet, Madonna has changed.

With her tour ‘Madame X around the world’, she had several concerts pending in Paris that has not gone as well as they should, it shows that the singer is not well.

And is that last week, during one of those concerts and while Madonna was sitting the singer fell from the chair from which she was acting … and the world fell on her!

Bitter tears and it is not known whether for the moment of embarrassment in front of her audience or for the pain of the knee that does not end up giving her a truce and that she is assuming a lot of disgust.

On stage, without being able to get up until one of the dancers approached who helped the singer to join … although the tears did not end up sprouting in her eyes.

The queen of pop is in the doldrums!

And at 61, the supposed treatment that follows to ‘clean’ your blood with oxygen and gets the pain to stop seems not to have the desired effect.

And it is that age is age, although we find it hard to admit it.